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How long does it take to learn piano?


Well... It is probably the most challenging question that I have ever had to answer. Most adults who contemplate learning how to play the piano, or who have already decided to start, have the same question in mind: “How long does it take to learn piano?” It depends Every time an adult asks me this question, I give the same reply: “It depends”. It depends as it depends on various factors: your exact goal, your natural ability, the amount of time you dedicate to personal practice and the instructor you are studying with. As you may have probably understood, it is [...]

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A beginners guide to the piano


A guide to help you in your first steps of your piano playing journey! When you’re starting out with the piano, there are some basics that everyone needs to know. Here are some of the most important things, including a glossary of key terms, and some basic techniques. Questions that you may have: First, let’s tackle two of the most basic questions you might have when starting piano lessons: What is a scale? Scales are a succession of notes played one after another. The two most common scales are the major and the minor. In most cases, as in the major [...]

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Learning how to play the piano as an adult beginner


Introduction: myths and false beliefs For many decades now, adults falsely believe that children learn music much faster than them. This idea has stopped many adults from pursuing a beautiful passion, such as playing the piano. Adult beginners are often fearful of getting started because they do not want to make a fool of themselves. It is a proven fact that adult learners tend to be very goal-oriented. Adult learners are much more serious about learning than children. Adults have the ability to concentrate for longer, expand lot more mental effort and actually practice a lot longer. So the moral of [...]

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