Piano lessons actually make you smarter


Fact: Learning the piano can increase your brainpower! Like playing chess or tackling sudoku puzzles, taking piano lessons is a proven method to increase your ability to think, improvise and solve problems. But if you’re sceptical, and rightly so, consider the psychological studies from the University of Zurich, which have suggested that after even small amounts of play, visible changes can be seen in the architecture of the brain. So, aside from the obvious reasons why you might want to learn the piano, what are the additional benefits of playing? Regular piano play can benefit you enormously. Not only is playing [...]

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London Piano Institute – Piano Lessons London


Discover why more and more Londoners are now taking up piano instruction with the London Piano Institute in central London We at the London Piano Institute cordially invite YOU to one of our fabulous locations for your piano lessons in London. We offer nothing but the highest level of piano lessons in London. Our secret is to provide you with the highest quality piano lessons available in London today. We specialise in adult piano lessons only. At the London Piano Institute, we accept no compromise. We make absolutely sure that you’re catered for. Whether you want to learn jazz, classical music, [...]

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