October 11, 2021

About the Author: Celine Gaurier-Joubert

Founder of The London Piano Institute, Celine Gaurier-Joubert is a concert pianist and one of the world’s leading experts on piano education for adults.

When I meet new people in different contexts, I am frequently asked what I do for a living. People are often amazed and envious when I tell them I am a pianist. “I wish I could play a musical instrument!” I frequently hear. It’s amazing to meet so many people who want to play the piano but don’t take the necessary steps to make their desire a reality!

I am always astounded when individuals tell me how much they want to do something but do nothing to make it happen. I understand that it is not always simple to make our aspirations a reality, but when it comes to piano playing, I don’t always understand what keeps individuals from picking up the phone and calling a piano teacher or a piano school.

We adults are experts at making excuses for not doing anything. We enjoy rationalising ourselves and coming up with a slew of reasons why we can’t take action right now, but wouldn’t it be better to confront the truth? We frequently put off starting a new hobby, traveling to a new country, relocating to a new home, or attending the gym because we lack the guts to do so. However, I believe that there is a deeper cause that hinders adults from starting their piano journey. I believe that most of them are concerned about being untalented and making a fool of themselves.

piano player on the grand piano

Do Not Let Wrong Notions Bury Your Dreams.

As I previously stated, I frequently meet people who would like to learn to play the piano but do not make any inquiries about beginning their piano study. They usually all say the same thing: “I don’t think I’m talented,” “I should have begun when I was a child,” “Is it feasible for adults to learn?” “I might not have time to practice,” or “I’d be your worst student.”

It’s always interesting to hear people have such strong ideas about their inability to play the piano, and I don’t understand why. What makes you think you won’t be good at it? Why do you think it should have been done years ago? Why are you under the impression that it is only for children?

Unfortunately, far too many people form opinions without giving it a shot. Before they try anything, they convince themselves that it will not work. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s true. The majority of adults never learn to play the piano because they have heard that it is not for them.

woman practising the piano

Hundreds of Adults Enjoy Their Piano Studies at The London Piano Institute

At The London Piano Institute, we train hundreds of adults who like playing the piano. Every week of the year, hundreds of men and women enter our City of London and Marylebone locations to take piano lessons. The majority of them have demanding jobs as bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers, accountants, engineers, investors, doctors, writers, or even television producers. They began playing the piano as adults and are all fully capable of performing some great pieces. They all like their piano studies a lot, and none of them gave up because they couldn’t play the piano.

Although some people learn faster than others, every adult who has studied or is now studying at The London Piano Institute is able to play the piano. Before starting their piano lessons, none of them had any unique talent. Most had no prior musical expertise, but they are all overjoyed to have made the initial step and begun their piano education.

pianist performing on the piano

Don’t Be Scared. It Is Not As Complicated As It Appears.

There is nothing to be concerned about. If you want to learn how to play the piano, you should get started right away and quit fooling yourself that you won’t be good at it. To be honest, I’ve never encountered someone who couldn’t understand the fundamentals of piano playing.

Let’s take a closer look at piano playing. What exactly does that entail?

  1. Reading a music sheet. Reading music is comparable to reading a book, except that instead of words, you read notes, rhythms, and additional information about the tempo and dynamics. Professional pianists look between the lines in the same way that literary analysers read a novel or a poetry. Do not be concerned about this since your piano teacher will gradually introduce you to the world of piano interpretation.
  2. Pressing the piano keys: Your task as a pianist is to press the right keys at the right moment and in the right way. Do you believe it’s really that difficult to press a piano key at a given time? Again, you will gradually increase your technical abilities, allowing you to regulate your sound production and build your dexterity. Anyone can learn and master these skills if they practice diligently.

man playing the piano in a room

As you can see, there is no mystery about playing the piano. It is both a magnificent art and a science. The world’s best pianists were all beginners at one point, and it is due to the hours they spent practicing that they became virtuosos.

You don’t have to be concerned about obtaining the same achievements because you play the piano for fun, and I doubt that you are interested in making your Carnegie Hall debut next season. You simply want to have fun while playing some lovely tunes from the classical, jazz, or pop repertoire. You want to have fun and are not planning on quitting your job to spend 8 hours a day practicing the piano.

Do Not Let The Fear of Failure Stop You!

As previously stated, I have never encountered an adult who could not play the piano. I’ve been teaching adults for almost two decades, and all of my pupils are doing fantastically well.

the piano room

I understand that you may be concerned about being a one-of-a-kind individual, possibly the first person ever to be unable to play the piano, but why not give it a try? Why don’t you give it a shot? It would be a tragedy to let your fear of failure keep you from realising your dream!

At The London Piano Institute, we only work with exceptionally patient and compassionate piano teachers who specialise in teaching adult beginners. They would never pass negative judgment or criticism on you. On the contrary, they will support and encourage you regardless of the situation.

If you are still terrified of failing, why not arrange a trial piano lesson to overcome your fear?

It could be a terrific opportunity to demonstrate that you are an exceptional pianist and that you are ready to begin on a new and exciting path!

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