The London Piano Institute specialises in teaching adults how to play the piano.

There are many schools in London, many piano teachers in London, but few specialise in teaching adults how to play for their pleasure!

Today’s adults are busier than ever!

With all the stress and the daily grind, a creative outlet is a must. Actually we are VERY SERIOUS.

If you are a professional working in the City, without a creative outlet, you need to re-think your outlook on life.

A creative outlet will actually make you more productive and a far more interesting person!

By studying the piano with The London Piano Institute you will give your creative side the food it has been longing for!

You should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER studying the piano.

When you retire, you will need a hobby to keep you occupied and make your life interesting.

There’s no use in building up a great pension without some music in!

You will need something to keep you challenged.

Long after you’ve finished your career, your piano will be there, right by your side – comforting you and making you happy!

Playing the piano will also SERIOUSLY REDUCE STRESS.

And stress reduction is more necessary than ever especially after this economic turbulence that the country has suffered.

Yes, recovery is on its way! But it’ll take some time…

Why not use this time to develop something for you! Something that you can take with you wherever you go – MUSIC!

That’s enough of us trying to give you reasons to play – at the end of the day the responsibility for your creativity and stress reduction lies in your own hands.

Whenever you want to learn how to play the piano, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail.

We will be delighted to be of service!

Our master piano teachers will teach you how to play the piano in the fastest and most effective method possible.

You will be hard-pressed to find similar quality piano teachers in Europe.

They love teaching all levels of playing and have a deep passion for teaching adults the piano!

Classes take place in the City of London or Marylebone with outstanding piano instructors.

All levels (beginners to advanced) are accepted and welcomed into our private piano programs.

Join London’s most distinguished piano academy for adults

Exclusive music instruction for adults of all ages and abilities (absolute beginners are very welcome!)