Classical Piano Lessons London – Do You Make Your Piano Sing?

Chopin, Bach, Rachmaninov, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel… If you are visiting this page, you surely enjoy listening to the exquisite pieces written by these incredible composers.

Studying and discovering the astonishing meaning hidden in between the notes is a fascinating process which is sadly rarely taught and understood by even the most advanced piano teachers and performers. (85% of world-class professional pianists, including famous ones, do not have a complete understanding of what it means to PLAY THE PIANO USING THEIR ENTIRE BODY IN SCIENTIFIC RELATION TO THE VERY NATURE OF THIS FASCINATING INSTRUMENT).

Here are some pianists that we fully admire at The London Piano Institute: Dinu Lipatti, Heinrich Neuhaus, Samson Francois, Alfred Cortot and Walter Gieseking.

Disclaimer: there are some other distinguished pianists – but most of the current concert pianists do not touch the public in the same manner as the pianists listed above.

Understanding the music hidden in the score and the art of interpretation is too often neglected. Most piano teachers give their feedback on the right or wrong notes played, and perhaps, in the best-case scenario, a faint idea of the dynamics written on the score.

It is only 50% of what you ought to know if you want to be successful at playing classical piano proficiently.

By only playing the notes correctly without caring about the particular composition is meaningless. To make matters worse, individuals who feel energised by their technical virtuosity often harm and ruin the music. The art of playing the piano is about understanding what the message of the composer is and using the individual’s body to achieve the ultimate goal that we all strive for: MAKING THE PIANO SING!

After having completed her studies to the highest degree in Paris and Switzerland, our founder Celine Gaurier-Joubert decided to dedicate her time to understand the art of piano playing entirely.

At The London Piano Institute, we specialise in passing our remarkable knowledge of piano playing on to our students. We surely correct your technical mistakes, but we also take great care in helping you understand the meaning of each composition.

Whatever your current ability, we will be delighted to guide you and help you learn the techniques that will make your piano sing!

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You can also consider our intensive piano lessons in London designed to help you gain that extra edge in your playing in a short period!

Classes either take place at our lovely premises in the City of London (Chancery Lane EC4) or our charming studio in Marylebone.