April 19, 2017

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manages the London Piano Institute, a premier destination for adult piano learners seeking individualised instruction and progress towards their musical goals. He believes anyone can learn to play regardless of age or ability!

Discover famous individuals who also play the piano!

Here at the London Piano Institute, we believe that anyone can learn to play the piano. If you’re willing to learn and dedicate your time, you can do it – no matter your experience, age, or Twitter follower count! Did you know that these famous faces are also proficient at the piano?

Clint Eastwood

Fact of the day: as well as being an actor and a director, Clint Eastwood is also an accomplished pianist! Before becoming an actor, Eastwood seriously considered pursuing a career in the world of music. He didn’t give up his passion for the piano once he became one of the world’s most famous acting stars, however, as he composed the score for his own films such as Mystic River, Changeling, and even Million Dollar Baby.

Britney Spears

Despite being constantly on the go since the late 1990s, America’s favourite pop princess has taken on the task of learning the piano in her spare time. You can see her perform one of her biggest hits, Everytime, in this vintage clip from an ABC special about her life on the road.

Richard Gere

If you’ve ever seen Pretty Woman, then you will have seen Gere’s piano ability for yourself. Not only did he play the solo piece featured in the classic film, he also composed it himself! His interest in music started early on his life, playing several different instruments when he was in school – including the piano, and even composing pieces for his high school’s productions

Condoleezza Rice

Probably the most accomplished player on this list, the former U.S Secretary of State learned how to play as a teenager. Before doing her degrees in both Economics and International relations, she dreamed of one day becoming a professional concert pianist

Robert Downey Jr.

When he’s not starring in blockbuster films like Iron Man and the Sherlock Holmes series, Robert Downey Jr. is also a keen pianist. He’s played the instrument and had an interest in music for many years, performing in bands and even releasing his own album in the early 90s before becoming one of the world’s best loved actors.

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