Enjoy top-notch one-to-one piano lessons in London with world-class piano instructors.

Our one-to-one piano lessons are specifically designed for adults to learn!

Enjoy the highest quality piano instruction specifically designed for adult learners.

At the London Piano Institute, we do not compromise on quality and always make sure that you learn the correct techniques from your first one-to-one piano lesson with us.

All the lessons are designed specifically for adults to learn how to play the piano.

Our instructors teach the piano in a manner dedicated to you as an adult wanting to learn.

We build your piano playing in a step-by-step fashion ensuring you learn all the foundations including scales, arpeggios, sight-reading and much more!

Our one-to-one piano lessons are offered to all levels from absolute beginner to advanced

At the London Piano Institute we offer excellent quality piano instruction to all levels.

You can now benefit from one-to-one lessons regardless of whether you are an advanced adult pianist or an absolute beginner with zero prior musical experience.

We also believe that EVERYONE can learn how to play and that you are talented and have immense potential!

As an advanced pianist you will learn how to play the piano with our master piano instructor. As a beginner you will generally study with the assistant piano instructor.

Our one-to-one piano lessons are offered in a variety of musical styles

We teach a large range of musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, rock and pop.

You can now join a piano course with us and benefit from top-notch instruction in the style that you love!

We always take great care to help you learn properly and we make sure that you learn in the right manner building upon a solid foundation!

Join a one-to-one piano course throughout the calendar year

Unlike a more traditional establishment, the London Piano Institute offers a flexible start date for adults wanting to learn the piano.

You may not always want to wait for September to come around in order to join a piano course with us!

You can, therefore, join a one-to-one piano course at any time during the calendar year.

You can even join mid-December or mid-June!

One thing you will always notice at the London Piano Institute is that we are always ready to help you learn and become better at playing the piano!

It’s our passion to help you become the BEST that you can possibly become!

Space is limited.

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To find out more about our one-to-one piano courses in London, please contact our manager Stefan Joubert directly at enrol@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk

We will respond to your enquiry within 1 working day.

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