February 18, 2017

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manages the London Piano Institute, a premier destination for adult piano learners seeking individualised instruction and progress towards their musical goals. He believes anyone can learn to play regardless of age or ability!

Sometimes obstacles may seem insurmountable, but if you follow the advice below you can definitely overcome any obstacle in your way!

Three years ago you started playing the piano for the first time and it all seemed so easy.

You passed your graded examinations with flying colours and you are on your way to grade 4 now.

The only problem is that things are getting very difficult… You have to play scales, arpeggios, broken chords with two hands at faster speeds and the compositions are a LOT more challenging!

You even start to think… “Can I really do this?”.

You attend the regular concerts and events at the London Piano Institute, listen to some of the advanced players and feel totally demotivated.

Guess what?


Yes, even the most proficient pianist in the room has once been where you are right now…

Hitting rock bottom is actually a good thing as it will help you to improve your playing and take it to the next level.

It is a challenging time, but I promise you that within six months of arduous applied study, you will feel a LOT better about yourself.

This article is here to inspire you to follow the words of Churchill: “Never, Never, Never give up!”.

It is only through continuation that you can reach your musical dreams!

You need to understand how progress works

Progress is rarely a one-way street.

Your piano development will have many twists and turns and moments of difficulty.

The secret is staying the course and overcoming the initial frustration to move to a higher level of performance.

When we think of progress as a pianist, we imagine a nice straight line to improvement.

The truth is that improvement often happens at the moment of despair when we’ve had enough and want to stop altogether!

If you knock on the door enough times, it eventually opens.

Some doors require weeks of knocking, others months and others even years!

I know this is not something that most will want to hear, but it is the truth.

Most aspiring piano students never make it past grade 5 for the simple reason that they do not know the secret just continuing!

It is in the continuation that success lies!

It is when you are able to continue regardless of initial frustration.

If you are currently frustrated, it may help to speak with your piano instructor as he or she will definitely be able to encourage you!

Just keep going and understand that there will be hard (as well as easy) times and that at times in your development, you just need to keep going!

You must accept the fact that you will stagnate musically from time to time

It is wonderful to perform when everything goes to plan and the audience gives you thunderous applause!

But at times you will stagnate.

At times you will feel as if you are not going anywhere!

And guess what? It is not just with piano playing, it is with ALL endeavours of life!

Do you think that Beethoven’s great symphonies just happened in his sleep?

Maybe towards the latter part of his life, but I can guarantee you that Beethoven worked and worked and worked.

Through ups and downs, through a nice flowing time and a horrible stagnating time!

The secret once again is to pick yourself up, ignore the stagnation and just keep going – you WILL reach the next level it is only a matter of time and effort!

Get back to the reasons why you started playing the piano in the first place

One of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself when you feel frustrated with your progress is to get back to why you wanted to learn initially!

Perhaps attend a concert at the Wigmore Hall, or go for a walk in your favourite park!

Listen to a pianist you love and take stock to see how much you have ACTUALLY achieved!

As humans, we are not very logical in the here and now, and we often let emotions get the best of us!

You can also ask your piano teacher to just do something different in the lesson and explain to him or her how you feel.

An amazing chat with your instructor can often clear any dark clouds that may have seem to find their way into your piano world!

Be of good cheer – there is hope and your future is bright!

Take a break from the grades for a while… and return fresh! (If you are doing the grades)

The graded examinations are a wonderful stepping stone/methodology for learning how to play the piano, but remember that the grades is not everything when it comes to piano playing.

Sometimes you need to take a break from the grades for a short while, freshen up your playing and return with zeal and zest if that is your forte!

Playing a few pieces of music that you actually love on the piano is also very beneficially for your piano development and your mindset.

Make a few small changes, take a break and return fresh!

Count your wins…

Counting your success can definitely help you clear the grey skies and see the bright sun!

You will be pleasantly surprised at just how much you know once you take stock of what you can actually do!

Compare that to your first piano lesson and you will be astounded at your rate of progress!

Counting your successes can help you get back to having that success mindset that will make all the difference to your piano playing going forward!

You can even take a pen and pad and write down what you have achieved, you will be amazed at just how far you’ve come!

Attend workshops and seminars to rekindle your passion!

Success giant Brian Tracy has stated that those who attend workshops and seminars are usually the top in their chosen profession!

Although piano playing may only be a hobby for you, if you attend workshops and seminars, you will be one of the top amateur pianists that you can be!

Therefore I want to encourage you to attend ALL workshops and seminars that we do at the London Piano Institute.

By attending these wonderful seminars, you will most definitely increase your musicality and gain that extra edge that you deserve to have!

Be part of those who win when it comes to playing the piano, be part of those who become the best that they can possibly be!

Success comes to those who patiently persist!

The truth is without persistence and diligent, daily practice you will not become a great pianist.

To become great, truly great you need to PERSIST and INSIST until you reach the level of musicality that you hope they achieve!

It’s a common fact that the most successful individuals – take Mo Farah as an example, persists and work harder than anyone else to achieve their goals!

Be inspired, take action, be bold and you will reach your highest goal!

Persist and the world is your oyster!

Yes, you can!

It’s not only a cliche! It’s the truth.

YES, you can learn how to play the piano.

You are talented and it is only a matter of time and effort along with quality education before you reach your goals!

Believe in yourself and you will achieve whatever you have set out to achieve!

Make sure you study with excellent piano instructors!

Here at the London Piano Institute, lessons are taught by professional and experienced pianists – so you’ll learn the right techniques from day one! To book your lessons – get in touch with us today. The best method is to simply contact our manager Stefan Joubert at stefan@londonpianoinstitute.co.uk

The fact remains, you are only going to become as good as your passion, input and education. You need serious education to become the pianist that you have always wanted to be. We have excellent piano teachers who genuinely care about your piano progress and future.

Join a course today with the London Piano Institute and become the pianist that you deserve to be!

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