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The importance of the II V I progression in jazz!


The II V I progression is the harmonic motor of jazz music! Jazz harmony is based on the cycle of fourths and II V Is are the king of fourths... Understand the II V I and you understand jazz! Let's face it. Jazz is a style of music that moves in cycles and is quite predictable from a harmonic point of view. Even though chord movements in jazz are predictive and reasonably straightforward, many melodic and harmonic variations can be created on the spot. So within a predictive and 'set' framework, we have the freedom to make things less predictive and [...]

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How to improvise on the piano as a beginner


Yes, you can improvise! You must simply believe! Discover the first steps towards learning to improvise in this article! Improvisation is the art of rehashing sequences of melodic and/or harmonic configurations to make your own music up on the spot. True improvisation is rare. Most musicians who improvise will rehash licks (melodic fragments), lines (melodic fragments), scales and arpeggios to fit the underlying harmony. True improvisation happens when a musician moves into the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is where the musician literally loses track of time and this earthly realm and play notes that he or she would never usually [...]

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