Piano Motivation

How to structure your piano practice


The first thing, before structuring your piano practice is to recognise the importance of practising your instrument. Why practise? Or even structure your practice time? Firstly: Reasons are quite logical but still important to recognise because, without consistent practice and diligence, you probably will stop before reaching that long-desired dream to play or perform a beautiful song or that classical piece that you love - be it Mozart’s Turkish Rhapsody or Ludwig Van Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata or Debussy's Clair de Lune or the jazz classic called Autumn Leaves. Secondly: There is the important need for finger technique and skills needed to [...]

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I have never played before should I be concerned about learning the piano as a beginner?


That is an excellent question, and I understand why you are asking it. It 's okay to be concerned, especially when learning how to play the piano as an adult beginner. Along with all the false myths and beliefs, adults are prone to self-doubt and unrealistic fears. The truth is that you will definitely be able to play the piano. You will definitely be able to make all your dreams come true. But it will require a willingness to study and practice consistently on a daily basis. We always recommend beginners to practice at least 15 minutes a day for six [...]

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Why you need an excellent piano mentor and teacher


It starts with the first step... The Chinese philosopher Laozi wisely said: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Learning how to play the piano is a wonderful journey, however, it is not always an easy journey. On the way to becoming the pianist that you have always dreamed of, you might encounter moments of intense frustration and despair. It is all part of the journey and if you persist you will eventually reach your goal and the price that you have paid in terms of time and effort will be well worth it. You will reap [...]

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The Art of Performing in Public


Performing in public is totally different from performing on your own, or in front of your piano instructor. It requires some specific skills which must be practised as often as any other. It is proven that the level of competency of an individual would definitely be affected while performing for an audience, so it is why it is imperative to be well prepared. Stage fright is a common phenomenon that touches all performers, and pianists should not be in shame of admitting that they suffer from it. Depending on the individual, it could include tremor in the hands, pounding heart and [...]

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A piano teacher as a mentor, a coach and a friend


In this article, I would like to discuss the importance of having a piano teacher who would be a marvellous pianist, but also a mentor, a coach and a friend.Too often, piano teachers do not devote themselves to their students, and they can fall into the following categories:1. The young pianist who is still studying, and who teaches the piano to a few students, to get some pocket money, and help his/her parents to finance their piano studies. 2. The musician who has not achieved the dream of becoming a concert pianist, and did not wish to have a profession who [...]

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