January 14, 2020

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manages the London Piano Institute, a premier destination for adult piano learners seeking individualised instruction and progress towards their musical goals. He believes anyone can learn to play regardless of age or ability!

This question begets a much more fundamental question namely why is it advantageous to learn a musical instrument at all?

I will, however, proceed on the premises that the reader is convinced of the benefits of being able to play an instrument reasonably well at an early age, the only question now remaining, is if it is worth your while to put in the time and effort at a later stage of your life.

It is not only about being able to play “The Moonlight Sonata” faultlessly at a party to impress your friends with Coldplay’s’ newest “Hot” play but in essence to feel good about yourself for having conquered a musical ideal to your own standards of acceptability.

There will be hopefully various opportunities to share with your friends or even the public at large.

Music is a universal language, but it is nevertheless a language that can be mastered and impressed with by just some basic discipline and consistency.

Most of us have musical skills that we are very much unaware of and as our prowess develops, these salient skills will come to the fore.

One just has to think of the movie. “I can only imagine”, (based on a true story) to conjure the lurking potential, which could be life-changing; keep putting off that first definitive music lesson at a later age is the excuse of having less time left: “If only I had started last year”, is the miserable plea that sounds so hollow, even to yourself.

Yes, it’s never too late to start.

Tomorrow you will always be more developed than today if you start immediately, and that is the only real issue you should deal with.

Age is to a large degree, not a handicap any more, and in any event most of us age with our peer group, and in the UK we enjoy a longevity at present which allows ample time for taking up a sought after hobby or skill

You’ve always wanted to do it.

Whether it is the “Stairway to Heaven” riff (flute and guitar) or the “Mannheim rocket” (on the piano), there isn’t a better time to start than now, and once mastered a technique can be leveraged and improvised.

Do not think of the effort: think of the reward and keep your goals clear. Never look back! The joy of being able to proficiently play an instrument at any age is priceless.

What is it going to cost you to acquire a musical skill later in life?

Do not think of the effort: think of the reward and keep your goals clear.

Never look back!

The joy of being able to proficiently play an instrument at any age is priceless.

Now maybe for the first time in your life, you have the time available to really do what you want with your life. Remember that you have been trained your whole life to make things count!

Effort that is now focussed will reap a bountiful harvest. The discipline you need will be easy as you’ve practised it for your whole life. You will find it flows easily and you can set more realistic goals for your progression. You can join an orchestra and without unnecessary stress enjoy growing into things. New-found things can be discussed with other orchestral members and a whole new life can open up.

You can also join a local jazz band, which is the quickest way of getting your jazz up to scratch. In the UK there are many such opportunities in the local pub community. Travelling and meeting new friends is a by-product of the local jazz scene. The advantage with jazz is the show-offs can show off, whilst you can just enjoy the basic playing.

Choose an easy instrument but if possible try to master different types of instruments for added flavour. A player who can skillfully play two or more instruments is usually in more demand and your own fulfilment level keep rising.

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