November 20, 2017

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manages the London Piano Institute, a premier destination for adult piano learners seeking individualised instruction and progress towards their musical goals. He believes anyone can learn to play regardless of age or ability!

The importance of taking your piano lessons weekly. Why you need to persist and persevere to become the pianist YOU want to be!

Taking weekly piano lessons is the best way for you to make SERIOUS improvement in your piano playing!

At the London Piano Institute we offer excellent quality weekly piano lessons in London.

It is our utmost desire to help YOU as an adult succeed at playing the piano and we will do everything in our power to help you learn!

Success is built upon a solid foundation.

We do not neglect important foundational elements.

We want to help you learn and get ‘there’ as quick as possible, without compromising quality!

In this article, you will discover why weekly piano lessons is paramount.

Learning how to play the piano is something that many adults want to do!

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In my daily teaching studio, I often hear adults tell me: “I have always wanted to learn the piano! It was a dream and finally, I can make it a reality!”.

I personally think it is wonderful to hear someone pursue their dreams!

We have one life and we have to make the most of the time that we have and definitely DO SOMETHING just for us!

If you are considering piano lessons, then you absolutely need to read this article.

In today’s world, we get bombarded with information and how-to-instructions!

You may have watched several YouTube piano tutorials and even tried to play a little by yourself.

What we lack is good-old-fashioned world-class piano instruction and that is what we have set out to offer you at the London Piano Institute!

So without further ado, lets go right into the reasons why you need to take piano lessons with an excellent piano teacher in order to become proficient at playing the piano!

Weekly piano lessons with a great teacher can motivate you and help you with your piano-workout discipline!

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Learning how to play the piano requires a frustrating component (for some) called practice!

If you want to get better at playing the piano, you will absolutely need to practice and put in the required time to improve.

Practising the piano is not always fun!

It is sometimes boring and at times downright frustrating!

If you play the same piece for the umpteenth time and make the same mistakes over and over again, you WILL feel like pulling your hair out!

However, do not despair!

If you have a great piano teacher who provides you with excellent piano instruction, you can simply ask him or her what to do!

Tell them you are frustrated and share your feelings…

If they are any good, they will DEFINITELY motivate you to get better!

Of course, whining does not help, you should only speak to him or her if things are tough. (In that manner)

A great teacher will then remind you that every single pianist in the world has been at EXACTLY the same place again and again.

Frustration and hard work is part of the process of becoming a pianist.

You do not become a pianist without working really hard and developing excellent habits to conquer the complex world of playing music!

What a great teacher will do for you here is to get you to believe in yourself again and take up the baton and start practising again!

So the motivation that you will get from excellent piano lessons are of itself of tremendous value!

Weekly piano lessons will help you develop the correct technique, habits and mindset

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Playing the piano requires a proper technical foundation.

Without a proper technical foundation, the building will crumble. (In this case your piano playing)

By studying the piano with an excellent piano teacher you will learn how to sit correctly, play correctly, move your hands correctly and so much more!

You cannot hope to learn this by yourself on YouTube!

It is too complex and it requires the input of a professional who has spent years learning the art and craft of piano playing!

You need a SOLID technique and that can only be acquired with the help of an excellent piano instructor during your piano lessons!

By taking weekly piano lessons you are committing to the process of learning the piano


Learning how to play the piano is a process that takes time and effort.

By attending weekly piano lessons with a great piano teacher, you are showing that you are a committed individual and that you are taking it seriously!

My very best piano students study with me at least twice on a weekly basis.

Some of our students at the London Piano Institute even attend classes on a DAILY basis.

Is this overkill?

I personally do not think so!

If you want to improve your playing you need quality input.

You need excellent weekly tuition.

You may not have enough time to attend on a daily basis, but once per week should be the bare minimum if you want to see serious results.

Of course, attend your weekly piano lessons is commendable, but you also need to attend your daily private piano practice if you want to see results!

You will increase your piano playing incrementally on a weekly basis (until it explodes!)


Do not be fooled!

We do not make progress in life with one big change and suddenly see the success that we’ve always wanted to see.

No, real change happens day by day.

“We are what we repeatedly do!” the great philosopher Aristotle said about 1700 years ago!

The keyword here is: “repeatedly”.

By taking weekly piano lessons, you are creating the best possible environment for you to thrive as a piano student!

Sure, it will take time, effort and a great education, but by showing up to your piano lessons on a weekly basis you will definitely make great progress!

One of the reasons why we (generally) do not allow a lesson per fortnight in our standard courses at the London Piano Institute is because we know that it generally does not work well.

We have discovered over the years that it is the weekly appointment in person or via Skype that makes all the difference.

The truth is, anybody can learn how to play the piano.

All you need is excellent piano instruction on a weekly basis and the ability to practice what is necessary on a daily basis.

Everything else is superfluous!

After some years of arduous study, you will play the piano!

It is basically a mechanical process.

It requires dedication, effort, and weekly input!

Weekly piano lessons will help you to benefit from EXCEPTIONAL growth!


Your primary goal when it comes to learning how to play the piano is to get better at playing the piano!

By taking weekly piano lessons with an excellent piano academy in London you are proactively choosing to become a better pianist.

Weekly piano lessons will help you benefit from exceptional growth.

Exceptional growth happens when applying yourself wholeheartedly at every lesson with your piano teacher.

Missing lessons, rescheduling appointments is not the way to grow.

The secret is attending every week of the year… yes up to 52 weeks a year if possible. (Of course we do take breaks, so in reality, you will really receive 48 lessons per year if you attend weekly)

In my opinion, if you want to really get explosive piano growth, then you should attend EVERY opportunity at hand.

Be at every concert.

Attend every masterclass.

Participate in every seminar… and throw yourself in with plenty of zeal and zest!

The more passion you apply to your learning the better you will become! (In a shorter period of time)

In conclusion:

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Your piano future is in your hands.

You are the master of your fate.

You decide your limits!

I recommend that you do everything possible to improve.

If you are able to, I suggest attending twice weekly!

My best success stories come from students who see me for 2-3 hours each and every week.

Remember you get out what you put in!

You must make the choice.

YOU must decide to be great!

Success will happen when you choose.

So to conclude: get the best quality piano lessons on a weekly basis to give yourself the BEST chance of becoming the pianist that you deserve to be.

Mix that up with regular, focused practice and the sky is the limit!

Yes, I believe YOU can succeed!

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