October 7, 2016

About the Author: Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert manages the London Piano Institute, a premier destination for adult piano learners seeking individualised instruction and progress towards their musical goals. He believes anyone can learn to play regardless of age or ability!

At the Piano Institute, we believe that piano playing is a hobby to be enjoyed by every one of all ages – after all, you really are never too old to play the piano! In fact, we think that more adults should either pick up or re-indulge in this particular past time, as the stress-relieving, mood-boosting qualities of playing the ivories are remarkable! If you are thinking of exploring the world of piano playing, here are 5 things you must do before you dive straight into your journey of musical discovery…

1. Find your perfect teacher

Finding the right teacher is the first big step. You need a professional who will teach you the right techniques and form good habits from the very first lesson. Your teacher should also be someone you feel comfortable and relaxed around, not someone who you dread seeing every week! It’s often hard to find the motivation to keep going if you don’t enjoy your lessons.

2. Invest in an appropriate piano (hint: we can help!)

If you truly want to become fluent in the keys, owning an instrument at home is essential so that you can practice the skills you are taught each week. Here at the London Piano Institute we recommend a couple of different digital piano’s – dependent on your budget and the level of quality you are after.

Of course, if you are able to purchase a top-notch acoustic piano – upright or grand, that would be so much better! We would also be delighted to recommend a few high-quality instruments or even go out for a day shopping with you!

3. Get inspired!

Listen to excellent quality piano playing to get yourself in the right frame of mind and re-affirm your passion for the piano. You could even arrange an exciting evening out at a classical concert or a musical evening to help you get inspired.

4. Be positive

Learning a new skill is an exciting endeavour, and while you may feel nervous about taking the first big step and book a lesson, make sure you keep your head up and look forward – a positive mental attitude can make all the difference to how well you do.

Remember, we will always encourage you in each and every lesson to make learning the piano easier! We are here to make you a great success!

5. Select excellent education

Remember you do not actually need to ‘know’ anything prior to starting a lesson. At the London Piano Institute, our outstanding instructors will give you the keys to playing the piano and with proper practice and dedication, you will achieve your musical goals!

Whether you are an absolute beginner or have previous experience, the team at the Piano Institute can’t wait to share the delights of this wonderful pastime with you. Have you followed our 5 steps? Then you are ready to book your first piano lesson! Browse our full selection of adult piano lessons in London online to choose the perfect one for you.

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