5 Fascinating Facts About the Piano You Probably Didn’t Know


The piano is often overlooked when it comes to interesting facts and new information. Nevertheless, here are 5 facts worth the read. 1. Pianos Have Been Sent to Space Before If I was sent to space, I’d definitely take an instrument with me to pass the time if I could. Ed Lu seized the opportunity to take an electric piano to space with him and play it. Lu graduated with an electrical engineering degree and was later chosen to partake in NASA's astronaut program. Three years later he was sent into space. On his third time going to space, Lu used [...]

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Tips to Stay Inspired When It Gets Tough in Your Piano Journey


Embarking on a piano journey is a thrilling endeavour, yet it comes with its share of challenges. From tedious practise sessions to self-doubt and frustration, it's natural to lose motivation and enthusiasm. However, maintaining motivation is essential for long-term progress and achieving your goals. Here are some innovative tips to keep your piano journey inspiring and engaging: Musician's Journaling Start a musician's journal where you jot down your thoughts, feelings, and inspirations before and after each practise session. Reflecting on your musical journey can deepen your connection to the music and provide valuable insights into your progress. Write about what you're [...]

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Digital vs Acoustic Pianos


The piano is a beautiful and versatile instrument. If you are looking into buying a new piano for yourself, a family/friend or even a company, and are overwhelmed by all the options - it is important to know which one would fulfil the requirements of your current situation. Digital, or acoustic- which one is better? Let’s find out! The History of the Piano The first piano ever made dates back to the 1700’s where a man named Bartolomeo Cristofori took the harpsichord and made it “better”. He disliked the fact that musicians could not control the level of volume on a [...]

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