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5 Fascinating Facts About the Piano You Probably Didn’t Know


The piano is often overlooked when it comes to interesting facts and new information. Nevertheless, here are 5 facts worth the read. 1. Pianos Have Been Sent to Space Before If I was sent to space, I’d definitely take an instrument with me to pass the time if I could. Ed Lu seized the opportunity to take an electric piano to space with him and play it. Lu graduated with an electrical engineering degree and was later chosen to partake in NASA's astronaut program. Three years later he was sent into space. On his third time going to space, Lu used [...]

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What Is Perfect Pitch?


Most people have heard of the wonders of perfect pitch. But what exactly is it? Is it an innate ability? Can you learn it over time? Follow this article for an answer to all of your questions. Perfect pitch is considered a highly sought-after skill in the music industry, as it allows musicians to instantly identify and produce any musical note without the need for a reference. Musicians with perfect pitch are able to instantly recognise notes and chords, making it easier for them to compose, improvise, and transcribe music. They can also identify and correct pitch errors in their own [...]

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A Journey Through the Musical Ages


You may notice that when you play the piano different pieces have certain characteristics. This will have something to do with the time period that it was written in. Music has five main eras, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modernist; today, we are going to travel in time and discover the beauty of each period. The Renaissance period (1400-1600) was ruled by composers from the likes of William Byrd, Thomas Tallis and Claudio Monteverdi. Interestingly, Byrd and Tallis were the first composers to ever be granted a patent to print and publish music meanwhile Monteverdi was the first opera composer who’s [...]

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The Psychological, Emotional and Physical Benefits of Playing The Piano


There are many benefits that come with playing an instrument, specifically the piano. Some are obvious and some you wouldn’t believe, each are just as unique and important in their own way. Here are just a few of the psychological, emotional and physical benefits of learning the piano that may inspire you to learn or to carry on lessons. Learning the piano is known to boost your cognitive and intellectual abilities which essentially makes you stronger in the parts of your brain which uses reasoning and math. This is because the same area (the parietal lobe) is activated when you integrate [...]

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How to practise the piano – tips to help you become better at practising the piano


Practise in a distraction free environment dedicated to practising the piano. It is absolutely vital that you practice in the best environment possible. It is also important to realise that you are responsible for your environment! I suggest practising in a clutter-free environment where you can simply focus on practising the piano and nothing else. Another tip - make sure you have a dedicated REAL metronome. Such as this one – AMAZON. Avoid using your mobile phone or iPad as a metronome. Otherwise, you will definitely get distracted with text messages and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. [...]

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Piano lessons actually make you smarter


Fact: Learning the piano can increase your brainpower! Like playing chess or tackling sudoku puzzles, taking piano lessons is a proven method to increase your ability to think, improvise and solve problems. But if you’re sceptical, and rightly so, consider the psychological studies from the University of Zurich, which have suggested that after even small amounts of play, visible changes can be seen in the architecture of the brain. So, aside from the obvious reasons why you might want to learn the piano, what are the additional benefits of playing? Regular piano play can benefit you enormously. Not only is playing [...]

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